Cartus Relocation & Referral Network

If you are moving anywhere in the United States, just give me a call and let me know where you are moving. I will talk with you about your needs and expectations and then get you matched up with an experienced real estate agent in your new location who is best suited to help you.


Seniors Real Estate Services

I am proud to have been designated as a specialist serving members of the community who have specific options and programs available to them once they reach the age of 50. If you are eligible for these programs and are interested in finding out more about them, I am happy to sit down with you and discuss your real estate needs and let you know which programs and options are available to achieve your goals.


Veterans United Realty Network

The Veterans United Realty Network contacted me after I assisted a Veteran in the purchase of a home and they asked if I would be willing to work with other Veterans with real estate needs. My wife is a Veteran of the United States Navy and I take pride in assisting our Veterans to the best of my ability.


Weissman Law 

I have been working very closely with this firm and they have provided me with a wealth of information that helps protect my clients and their resources. You certainly have options when it comes to choosing a closing attorney, but I recommend Weissman for their professionalism, their technology, and their massive efforts to ensure the smoothest and safest real estate transactions possible.


American Home Shield

American Home Shield in my opinion is simply the best home protection plan on the market, and I'm saying that as a paying customer, not just as a real estate agent. The goal of many home warranty companies is to find a loophole and not have to cover the repairs or replacement, this isn't the case with American Home Shield - their goal is 100% customer satisfaction. They also have some excellent offerings for homeowners looking to sell their homes such as; coverage during the listing and contract period and re-keying services for the buyer.


Guaranteed Rate Affinity

When you are looking to purchase a home or rental property, there are an endless supply of lenders available and they often specialize in one or two key areas. I always invite my clients to contact Al at Guaranteed Rate Affinity and have a conversation about rates, fees, and terms - just to compare. Often times, my clients are surprised at the number of specialty programs available that the big cookie providers just can't or won't match.


Home Partners of America

This is one of the best kept secrets in real estate and it's a wonderful program for people who either a) prefer to rent but don't want to be limited to "rental" properties, or b) future buyers who want to purchase a home of their own but need some additional time to prepare. It is basically a four step lease with the right to purchase system that works like this:

1) The household applies for approval with Home Partners of America

2) The household locates a Home Partners qualified home

3) Home Partners purchases the qualified home and then leases it to the household

4) Household then has the right to purchase the home

There are many benefits to this program:

1) You can choose from homes currently for sale

2) You don't have to be tied to "rental" properties

3) You have the option to buy, but are only required to lease for 1 year (try before you buy)

4) The program is fully transparent and all guidelines are presented up front

I am a Certified Home Partners of America Agent and am happy to discuss the program terms with you in detail, just give me a call 404.569.8048